Friday, 13 November 2009

Ahhh soo little time so much to do!

Yet another month has flown by like a hurricane and i've managed to blog a total of 0 times! First off i just bought this beauty for myselfAnd then this one for the sister for Christmas...ooh yes that dreaded word, have you bought any presents yet??

I hope she likes it. Well i know she likes it. She told me to buy it aha!

We've got the gym and dance show coming up, how boring for you to read about but soo fun to be part of (sometimes)! This would be the reason for my lack of updates as i've had to be at gym most days of the week..hmph! On a brighter note you remember that double canvas i was doing (scroll down ;) ) i have infact finished it and will post it next time as my new camera should have arrived by then!!!

Plymouth life is rubbish atm. The south west has "the tail end of a hurricane" as the weather man told me this morning, and boy don't i know it. I live right on the top of a hill and it is sooo windy!

All for now folks. Promise to update in the week sometimes with some phootooosss :)
Nuclearave x

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