Sunday, 23 August 2009

Long time again!

Hey guys. Sorry for the lack of updates yet again. Not alot really been going on apart from WORK! Lots of work D: Not alot really been going on, i haven't had time for anything but i'm getting back on track. Currently in north Wales (HolyHead) and i've had to bring my Tech coursework with me otherwise i won't get it finished in time for school (Sept 1st).
Short update i'm afraid as i don't really have much to say Haha.
Nuclearave x

Saturday, 1 August 2009


Well i was milling around the net today when i found this website i don't really know too much about it except for its pretty damn insane! Basically it's little vector monsters that you print and then fold into 3Dimensional life! Here's two that i tried out.
I need a new camera it's unreal.
I'm guessing most of you saw the coke bottles and went :O? Well
I'm hoping you did that anyway. I managed it with serious, serious wizardry... (food colouring and water) but i love it! Got green and yellow too. ANYWAY i was attempting a little photo shoot but it went badly tbh. Here's the results.

I couldn't even get the camera straight
But yeah, that site is pretty awesome,
I'm going to try and make as many of them as possible!!
In other news
I'm finally doing something with my Flickr account and have been uploading and making can find that here
ALSO Eric has just released a load of new items on LintyFresh
mainly belts but some other cool stuff too. I'm going to have to seriously start thinking about saving up for some more of his stuff, i can't get enough of it!
And lastly, when i get back from
Butlins I'm going to start doing some proper illustration (using illustrator haha) because I've been doing enough looking at other peoples stuff and not a lot of my own. So we will see what the outcome is. Hopefully good!
Nuclearve x