Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Where has the time gone!?

I completely forgot about this!! I meant to upload some work photos (new babies xD) and just generally keep you updated!
Well obviously my 15th birthday went by, it was alright, have had better birthdays, meaning i generally get my cake on my birthday not on the day after because my sister tore her knee muscle or something and so no one was home for "family tea" so that kinda sucked..I got £200 though which wasn;t bad!
I also noticed jaycee (brighter-thansunshine) has started updating her blog again so check that out!
I've not really done alot on the whole t-shirt business stuff because i've been soo rundown with french work and other coursework and i really cant be assed atm!
I will get some piuctures and a proper post going on soon but until then!
Asta la vista Baby!