Monday, 22 February 2010

Chick, Chick, Chick, Chick, CHICKENS!

Lay a a little egg for me :)

Well i neglected to mention we bought chickens over the weekend. Jemima, Lu-Lu and Ella.

Umm i think the one closest is Jemima, grey one is Ella and the other Lu-Lu. They're lovely, except no eggs for another 3 months apparently!!

Asides from that, i recently emailed Matt from as he had made a life size character of him self and i wanted a go haha. Here's my attempt, not as good as his but i'm getting there!
I printed it out and it's currently on my door (maybe photo later but i want to reprint without fast draft on!) 

Today was pretty good. Nice (ish) weather, back to school but for some reason i was wide awak at 7:30 and felt no need to drift back off to sleep, even though i don't usually get up until 8:10. CRAAZAAY RIGHT!? 

After not blogging at all i've managed to blog LOADS recently. 

Nuclearave x

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Sunshine, at last!

Today was like the FIRST sunny say of half term (although i know its still winter...right?) Anyway i finally got those canvases hung, they looked a bit crappy on the corner so i ended up putting them on my wardrobe. Take a look at this.
Possibly not the BEST angle to take this from but if i went any further right then i would have hit my steps up to my bed (i'll post that later on ;P )
So went into Plymouth today to get my key cut as i lost it on my paper round. £5 later, and i had my key which i've already miss placed!
I have got some more interesting news in that today i sat out in the garden and did this !
He's not quite finished, need to add some detail, but this is Sid. He likes rainy days (WHATTT!!??) and he also travels the world...which gives me opportunity to create some awesome backdrops for him. He may also evolve over time :)
I enjoy how my blog is full more of random pictures than of stuff im actually doing.

Half term's been a bit of a drag so no updates on that front except of course i had to work to earn some money..hoping to get my hands on some of these beauts!
I have to say the blue one is definitely my favourite, they're only $8 each (plus packaging) only thing is, it's a lucky dip and i'm not quite sure how lucky i am aha.

Gonna end on that note, i see i have babbled.
Nuclearave x

Friday, 19 February 2010

What have i been up to?

Howdy all.

First of all, very sorry for not blogging. My laptop started to break over the
Crimbo holidays and i've only JUST recently got a new one.

Well for
Christmas i got my XBOX 360 elite :) and the linty fresh tee i wanted which i'm actually wearing right now. Christmas was such an awesome time and i love it. Look at a snap i got on my new camera, i think it's pretty good (even if it is of sprouts haha)Might send it to the grandparents to use as their desktop

After that we had new year
blady blaah, which brings us to now.
I FINALLY got those canvases finished, you know the ones i started talking about like 3 years ago? Take a look.
Photo could have been a bit better quality, was pretty rushed tbh. But i'm quite pleased with the outcome, gonna hang them on a corner (pics next time...hopefully).

Apart from that, no other news. I haven't had enough time to look through anyone elses blogs and twitters etc so link me up :)

Nuclearave x