Monday, 22 February 2010

Chick, Chick, Chick, Chick, CHICKENS!

Lay a a little egg for me :)

Well i neglected to mention we bought chickens over the weekend. Jemima, Lu-Lu and Ella.

Umm i think the one closest is Jemima, grey one is Ella and the other Lu-Lu. They're lovely, except no eggs for another 3 months apparently!!

Asides from that, i recently emailed Matt from as he had made a life size character of him self and i wanted a go haha. Here's my attempt, not as good as his but i'm getting there!
I printed it out and it's currently on my door (maybe photo later but i want to reprint without fast draft on!) 

Today was pretty good. Nice (ish) weather, back to school but for some reason i was wide awak at 7:30 and felt no need to drift back off to sleep, even though i don't usually get up until 8:10. CRAAZAAY RIGHT!? 

After not blogging at all i've managed to blog LOADS recently. 

Nuclearave x

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  1. Super jealous of your chickens. I want some! I looked after our neighbours over Christmas and now I want some too :) x