Saturday, 27 June 2009

Urgh...Gym Competition

So tommorow is the annual house competition for gymnastics. And im doing it. However today i am here with my coach setting up except well my coach isn't actually here. She is texting me what to do at the moment because she is shopping haha. I will try and post some pictures tommorow! For now it looks like a bit o' Michael Jackon RIP on the sound system.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Woo new canvases!

I managed to buy 2 canvases (20x8) off rosie aka GeeksInGlasses for £7 how awesome is that! They look great next to each other but i haven't managed to start anything on them yet haha.
Appart from that haven't really got much to say. Uploaded some new photos to Flickr. Umm ohh check out good stuff, good stuff! Also FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER! Will probably edit this post laster becase it's silly to post TOOO much haha.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Flickr, More art and TEEEEESHIRTS

I finally got a Flickr account because i'm fed up with memory cards here and there! So that's at ... i think :P Anyway on there is my iPod monster..isn't he great? picked him up for £5 on price drop tv haha i'm cool. My duck collection..wait until you see it i might actually have started a craze and my work in progress which i updated you on. I will be adding photos of some new tees i bought from Primark and my LintyFresh ones if i can find them! As i said before make sure you check out DropTheBeet They've got some awesome stuff going on over there! Cool tees, might have to start saving again after i bought that digital camera which is rubbish... the moral of that story "Never buy on eBay without reading the feedback."
Haha I'll learn one day. I also need ideas for a tee. I've been designing but I'd also like to know what you'd like to see. So give me a hit on!
I doubt anyone is reading but yaknow, comment me :)

EDIT: I am really annoyed now! I just found out i've been pressing a little too hard in pencil on my canvas and now they won't rub out atall!! Im not sure what i'm going to do to cover it yet! Will think of something...any ideas?

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Braces are off!...and other stufff

So at last after 18 months my braces are off. Unfortunately i forgot to take a before pic however i do have an after pic (the retainer is still on so they look rather plasticy) I've decided it's probs not best to just post a picture so if you want to see it then just e-mail me :)
ALSO I've been working on a new canvas 20x20 here it is so far (not very much)

Also as you probably gathered i got my new camera in the post except it isn't actually that good so i think im just going to borrow my sisters from now on haha until i can sell this one as a good one on ebay (LOL) and get a new one!
Apart from that..tweet me :)

Edit: School wont let me comment :@ sooo i just thought I'd's done in a similar style to Linty Fresh :) You say copy i say inspiration haha nah i just wanted something like his surfboard so i thought I'd do it myself.
Also check out awesome stuff going on over there and a great blog to read though if you've got the time =D

Monday, 22 June 2009

Cameras, scanners..what next?

Well first off My camera broke...handy...not. Means i have no photos for my blog =[ so i ordered a new one coming in the post soon hopefully! Its sick! I haven't managed to scan anything either purely because i cannot be bothered haha. I also found this really cool flickr set i like it alot. Also check me out on twitter (may have mentioned this before) If anyone has any ideas for the Tee Biz i'd be really happy to hear from you! I will update you in the week sometime with like a huge post. Getting my braces off on wednesday..will post some before and after pics!

Saturday, 20 June 2009


I've been getting back and back into the who t-shirt crap again been reading blogs printing off randong crap about it because i cant bare to look at the laptop screen for much longer and it seems that its getting easier and easier to setup a t-shop. I'd like someone to do it with me though!! I want to do a kind of indie thing..i like things like & i dunno really..haven't got much of a design going atm, not really thought about that aspect loads HAHA just seeing what CAN be achieved! Any thoughts welcome!?

Apart from that, i know in my last post i said i would keep posting..well i will now :) promise haha.