Sunday, 8 March 2009

You gotta love black markers!

My black markers are my best friends right now! I've been working on that big ass strip of paper i said about before. Look at just some of my ideas and probably only 15% of what you can see on the A4 paper is actually on's INSANE! (Cick on the image to see it bigger!)

I'm aso experimenting with colour a little more and bought two 200mmX200mm blank canvases for me and my friend to work on (she is also into the whole vector/ine art) Sharpies rule and they weren't that expensive either (Tesco had a sale) But i love them, they might even win over my beefy black markers!

I also painted my very own black board! Its still drying right now but i cant wait to start scribbing it's going to be awesome. Take a look at how madly my wall is masking taped up..does that even make sense?

I keep saying also to much, so this time ima jump right into the point! I got a new jaket today (forgotten the make) i have to wait until my birthday for it! Its plain grey but the zip is red one side and yelow the other! I can't wait to get it!! And im getting this top as well from lintyfresh Click here to check it out. I cant be bothered to get the picture up!

I feel well rude, Emma's over (mentioned before) and im sat here writing this whilst she draws!
Have a gooden!

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Its true, money does burn a hole!

Its such a waste of money but look at this can you not want to buy it!? rather pricey to £20 but its just insane! Its off which i've only been introduced tonight by rosie (geeksinglasses) personally i think someone should buy it for me for my birthday on the 18th of march ^^ but that will never happen!

Last post for tonight, going to get some sleep finally. Take care

Where to start!?

Im Dan, 14 VERY nearly 15 as in 1, 2, 3...10 days! I live in Devon and work at PennyWell Farm..oh yeah wondered when i would fit it in! I want to get into the T-Shirt design not so much for the fashion but to bring something different or find a niche at it were! Blogging seems to be the new craze and its only "geeksinglasses" from my school that i know thats doing it...Did that make sense!?
Anyways check her out, she's got some pretty good stuff going on over there!

I've suddenly gotten into art which is probably what you will see a lot of here! Just simple line/vector art. My black marker is my best friend basically - but it is about time i invested in some sharpies and bring some colour into my life..who agrees!?

I dont have anything to show right now as i cant be assed to go scan anything in but i will updated within the next few days with photos of what im currently working on (its insanely cool but i shan't say much yet)

I've stumbled uponsome great sites for inspiration << bit girly but some awesome stuff! << Insane?

Also check out im getting the new red tee from there. Their stuff is amazing!

Anyway yeah, this is probably the saddest blog you have read but..expect more.