Friday, 25 September 2009

Here we are again

Hello! I'm finally back writing on here again...aha. I just get soo busy sometimes i forget about the little things that i sometimes enjoy. Anyway! Hope everyone had an amazing summer, i sure did.

Just found this using StumbleUpon and it's mind boggling how much energy we waste using mobile phones..take a look

Been back at school for a few weeks now and that's going okay Rosie ( seems to have stuck up a great relationship with our German teah..or not :S

Linty-Fresh have also brought out a load of new stuff including jewellery and i love the new tee below

I've just re-read what i already wrote and it sounds like i'm writing in bullet points aha.

Haven't really got much news unless you want me to ramble on about how crap my GCSE's are and that i haven't been doing anything. Will hopefully get some time to post soon.
Nuclearave x

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